Secure Document Sharing and Deal Room from Ideals

You need a virtual data room service to upload, view, and exchange sensitive documents whether you’re working on an M&A negotiation or handling due diligence. We designed a highly secure data room solution at iDeals to ensure that this procedure runs smoothly from start to finish. Click here to find more reliable information on data room software.

iDeals Virtual Data Room – secure storage and exchange of documents

Today, the virtual data room is understood as nothing more than a secure dynamic IT space designed for storing and studying documents that are necessary for a full-fledged transaction between a seller and a buyer of certain resources (for example, a share in a joint stock company, large real estate). The information in the virtual data room is stored in a structured form, and access to it can be opened to the buyer via the Internet, if the access password is transmitted to the buyer.

Having gained access to the virtual data room, the parties receive the most comfortable conditions for effective, regular and structured work. A person working here, thanks to the Internet, saves significant funds that would have to be spent on working in a traditional data room, as well as time. In addition, staying in a virtual data room, where information is exchanged securely with the server, the user feels much more comfortable, since the sword of Damocles of control over his actions, although it exists, is not as obvious as in the traditional case.

It should be noted that at all stages of working with documents, the process of familiarizing a person with documents is fully protected. Moreover, an authorized person can have access only to the data that the system administrator has determined for him, and not to any others. This allows the administrator to track all the actions that the user performs while working with documents, and make adjustments as needed.

In turn, confidential user documents are protected by special software protections against hacking, browsing, viruses, as well as accidental destruction, which allows customers of such rooms to feel completely safe.

Most often, the documents stored in the virtual data room are made in PDF format. Thanks to this format, documents are quickly extracted, easy to read, copied to the user’s media or, conversely, are denied access to those persons to whom it is prohibited. Thus, each visitor to the virtual data room can access only within the limits of his/her existing authority. At the same time, the administration can allow the user access to documents, but prohibit him from some actions with them. At the same time, the owner of the transaction can conduct his own analysis of the situation, creating new documents that shed light.


Give your virtual data room a professional appearance with custom branding.

  • Upload your logo and choose a color scheme that corresponds with your corporate style.

  • Customize your invitation letter to introduce your project summary to authorized users.


Create folders structure and upload your data in any format. The iDeals Smart Upload and processing features automatically convert your files into a secure format.

  • After uploading is finished, all documents in more than 25 common file formats will be converted to secure Adobe PDF and available for secure viewing by users.

  • Upload and download multiple files and folders and synchronize local folders with the data room folders using the iDeals VDR Desktop application.