5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Protect Their Data from Hackers

Protecting the corporate and personal data that companies in the real estate market use remain one of the top tasks for this industry. Not surprisingly, many companies are working hard to find reliable software and additional data protection mechanisms. The use of virtual data rooms has proven to be effective for data security in the real estate industry. However, implementing a new software solution alone does not solve the security problem – a comprehensive approach is required. To learn how to do this in order to protect your corporate data from intruders, read our article.


Some simple ways to protect your data from hackers

To make the virtual platform most useful for protecting corporate and personal data, you should configure it appropriately for its intended purpose. We recommend the following tips:

  1. Choose a platform with a wide range of security tools. Virtual data rooms allow only registered users to use their options. However, the effectiveness of such protection is not too high. To ensure maximum security, it is better to use several tools in combination, which will complement each other.
  2. Keep a log of user activity. Virtual room settings allow you to monitor the activity of users during their visits to the platform. Such activity logs can work in automatic mode – there is no need to constantly monitor as soon as someone enters the platform. Activity logs display not only the session time but also the actions that each user has taken.
  3. Verify the individuals to whom you grant access to the data room. Virtual data rooms make it much easier to collaborate with customers, which is especially important for companies in the real estate market. But you can’t give access to everyone. Before registering another user, we recommend checking their activity for any wrongdoing.
  4. Take care of your data in case of hacking. It happens that the security system of the virtual data room fails and important information is leaked. In such cases, it is advisable to use a data encryption system so that hackers cannot take advantage of it. In this way, you will prevent your employees, customers, and business partners from using their personal data for unauthorized purposes.
  5. Don’t forget to update your security system. All digital data room tools need to be updated periodically so they don’t lose their relevance and effectiveness. You can make this process automatic, or you can partner with a vendor company that can help with security upgrades or extends its options.

Corporate data protection for companies operating in the real estate market is of key importance for building a positive image and reputation worthy of trust from partners and clients. Therefore it is not necessary to ignore the search for the best software solution for the company, and also to make additional efforts to increase its efficiency.